Diwali Mela in Saddi Dilli….

Diwali, the much awaited, most celebrated, auspicious festival of lights is celebrated with a whole lot of noise, gifts and gamble in Saddi Dilli. Since Diwali has a particular significance in the northern part of India, in Dilli to be precise, it is followed by the Dusshera celebrations which occur exactly 20 days before Diwali. During the days between Dusshera and Diwali is the time when people storm the markets on a shopping spree, exchange greetings and gifts with near and dear ones, play cards, burst crackers and most importantly never miss out the world famous Diwali Mela’s which pop-up all around Dilli in various styles and sizes.

The Diwali Mela over the recent years has become a favorite haunt among children and elders alike especially during these festive holiday evenings. And more so since it is just like a miniature cultural market set up in the neighborhood temporarily which attracts participation generally from the housewives residing in the vicinity. On the platter are various stalls ranging from fast food to games to rides to shops selling trinkets and clothing or accessories to live performances from local celebrities, etc. etc. It is an affair with “you name it and have it” spirit.

Huge crowds throng the Diwali Mela grounds with pre-decided plans and people can be seen smiling, shopping, feasting on local delicacies which start right from Gol-Gappe to Chowmien and Dosa to Paav Bhaaji, basically just enjoying themselves while celebrating the biggest Hindu festival of the year. Children especially are thrilled to either grab a seat of their favorite ride or prove themselves smarter by making a catch at the aspired toy by throwing that ring. Their parents and senior citizens are equally busy trying their luck at gambling by betting either on the lucky seven stalls or on those miniature horses who await their turn on the board’s corner and begin to dash as the dice rolls.

There are various theme based Diwali Mela’s also which concentrate on their particular cause. One such Diwali Mela is held on the Bhairon Marg in Saddi Dilli which is working towards the benefit of blind relief. This is a very well organized Diwali Mela with a no non-sense attitude and observes a huge foot-fall, the management here however does a commendable job of controlling the traffic and parking nuisance and ensures a hassle free experience for not only the visitors at the fair, but also for the passerby’s.

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